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Receive professional golf instruction on your own schedule and at a fraction of the cost.

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Learn the Secrets of Better Golf




Hosted by Tour player and CBS golf analyst Ian Baker-Finch, the program has everything you need: 10 Lessons, 18 Practice Sessions, Instruction Book, and training aids.


How does the program work?

1. Watch the Practice Sessions’

2. Take a lesson  in the privacy of your home

3. Go to the driving range or golf course

4. Follow the Training Calender


Improve Your Golf Program Information



   Here’s a Quick Tip to improve your slice with Golf Pro Christina Lecuyer


The Complete Program

 5 Full Swing Lessons. More Consistent Accurate Play

4 Short Game Lessons. More control around the green

18 Practice Sessions. Master skills like a pro

Get the secrets of the game. Play better golf.


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